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Our Service is a paralegal and immigration consulting office that has been serving the Korean American community in Los Angeles over the past 10 years. Our bilingual services are affordable, prompt, and effective all the time with successfully processed.Our office is located in the heart of Koreatown.


Immigration work

Marriage registration and permanent residency application (specialized in marriage permanent residency)
All Employment Immigration Services (Professional Services)
Family Permanent Residence Application
Apply for 601 A & 601 Wave
Student visa change (I-20 issuance study abroad work)
E-2 visa application and extension application
VAWA application
citizenship application
Apply for Family Invitation Petition
Application for re-entry permit
Reissuance of lost permanent resident card
Permanent Residence Renewal
Those who need financial guarantee when applying for permanent residency
Visa Center procedure (those who have received the NVC case number)
If your visa application has been rejected several times, please contact us.
Termination of conditional permanent residency
Deferred Action for Juvenile Removal (DACA) New and Extended Applications
immigration appeal
Immigration Office Change of Address
immigration interview
Document translation
Low-income court, Immigration office filing fee waiver application


Legal service information

birth certificate, marriage certificate
name change
will, power of attorney

Divorce (unilateral, consensual, summary)
Expedited Marriage Registration (It is a government agency)
Writing a prenuptial agreement
marriage annulment
Legal separation, child support, custody
Alimony, Restraining Order
application for divorce decree
Amendment of divorce decree

notary work
Establishment of a joint stock company
civil action, small claims court
Various litigation documents
business contract
Write contracts and various letters
Agency for issuing various permits

We will delete and search for criminal records


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