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living Documents Services

Birth certificate, marriage certificate. Name change, will, power of paralegal, divorce (unilateral, consensual, summary)
Declaration of expedited marriage (as a government agency),

preparation of prenuptial agreement, annulment of marriage
Documents separation, child support, custody, alimony, restraining order
Application for divorce decree, revision of divorce decree
We will delete and search for criminal records

living Documents Services

- Birth certificate

- Proof of marriage
- Change your name
- Will, power of Paralegal
- Divorce (unilateral, consensual, summary)
- Expedited marriage registration (government agency)
- Write a prenuptial agreement
- Marriage invalid
- Documents separation, child support, custody
- Alimony, Restraining Order
- Application for divorce decree
- Amendment of divorce decree
- Find and delete criminal records


4055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 244 
Los Angeles, CA 90010 

Phone : 213-263-2636

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