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- Divorce procedure

- Conditions for applying for divorce in California

- Types of Divorce

- Business agency


Divorce procedure

Over the past 10 years, our judicial scrivener's office has perfectly handled numerous divorce procedures at the request of our clients.

California Divorce Filing Requirements

• One of the parties to the divorce has lived in California for six months or more.

•Resident in the county for more than 3 months.

Type of Divorce

1. Divorce by Agreement

2. Unilateral divorce

3. Informal marriage

4. Divorce through trial

We also assist with marriage annulment and legal separation. Low-income people can apply for a court filing fee waiver.


Business agency

We take responsibility for all procedures and processes from the application for divorce to receiving the final judgment.

Costs vary by case, so please inquire.


4055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 244 
Los Angeles, CA 90010 

Phone : 213-263-2636

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