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Green Card Renewal Instructions : I-90

Green Card Renewal Instructions : I-90

Documents to bring: Depending on the reason you need to renew your green card, the items you need to bring are slightly different. Please see the relevant items below and bring them.

1. If the period specified in the permanent residence card has expired or expires within 6 months:

2. If you have lost your green card:
    □ Photo proof of the applicant's identity (driver's license, social security card, passport, etc.)
    □ Check if you remember your permanent resident card number (It is helpful if you remember, but you can apply even if you do not remember)

3. If you want to change the information on your permanent residence card: Permanent residence card □ Court documents and marriage/divorce certificate □ Birth certificate
    □ In case the wrong information is written on the green card by mistake of the immigration office, a document proving the mistake of the immigration office

4. If your green card was issued before you turned 14, you must apply for renewal within 30 days before you turn 14.

In this case, □ permanent residency □ passport

- Even if the validity period written on the permanent resident card expires, the permanent resident status continues to be maintained.
   In other words, if the validity period passes, it does not mean that the permanent resident status qualification ends.
   However, it cannot be used as a document proving that you are a permanent resident.

- If your permanent residency has expired or is about to expire and you are about to apply for citizenship,
   You only need to apply for citizenship and do not need to renew your permanent residency.
   It is desirable to recommend only applying for citizenship.
   (However, if you are going abroad, looking for a job, or needing to verify your identity at a government agency, it is safe to renew your green card.)

- If a person whose permanent residency is about to expire has to go abroad,
   ① Apply for permanent residence renewal,
   ② Enter the Downtown Immigration Office, show the receipt of the application documents for renewal of permanent residency, and write “temporary residency” in your passport.
      You just need to get a “permanent resident stamp”.


4055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 244 

Los Angeles, CA 90010 

Phone : 213-263-2636

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