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marriage report

Our judicial scrivener office has perfectly handled the marriage (marriage) registration process for the past 10 years.

Required documents
•Valid identification of the bride and groom (one driver's license, passport, green card, etc.)
A copy of the most recent divorce decree (if applicable)

California's process
1. The bride and groom first go to the county clock office to apply for a marriage license.
2. I swear that the contents of the application are true and pay the prescribed fee.
3. Get a marriage license.
4. Within 90 days, they pledge to become husband and wife in front of an officiating ceremony (pastor, judge, or court commissioner, etc.).
5. The celebrant signs this certificate and submits it to the county registry office upon completion. After that, 6-8 weeks later, a marriage certificate is issued and mailed to the guest.

Business agency
The above cumbersome procedures are handled by our LA attorney's office as a one-stop service by a public person licensed by the county.
From start to finish, we'll make it easy and convenient for you.


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