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E-2 (Investment Visa)

- What is an E-2 visa?

- Requirements for E-2 Visa

- Characteristics of E-2 Visa

- Misconceptions about the E-2 visa

- Cases of E-2 approval

E-2 (Investment Visa)

1. What is an E-2 visa?
The E-2 visa is a visa that allows you to do business by investing a small amount in the United States. If you apply through the US Embassy in Korea,

It is possible to travel to and from the United States, and if you change your status to E-2 after entering the United States on a visitor visa or student visa, there is an inconvenience that you cannot travel between Korea and the United States. Currently, Canadian and Mexican embassies cannot apply for an E-2 visa from a third country, and Koreans must obtain an E-2 visa through the US Embassy in Korea.

2. E-2 visa qualifications

First, the applicant must be a citizen of a country that has an investment treaty with the United States. In the case of Koreans, it is a treaty country with the United States.

This is a requirement to apply for an E-2 visa.

Second, the applicant must show that it has already invested in the business or that an investment is currently underway. Therefore, simply

You cannot apply for an E-2 visa while the investment is deposited.

Third, the invested business must be a real business that is actually being operated. It is necessary to prove that the investment business truly exists, mainly through the company's articles of incorporation, business license, lease agreement, etc., that the business actually exists and is ready to start a business.

Fourth, the amount of investment must be substantial (substantial). A reasonable standard is that it can vary depending on various conditions such as business type and region, and that the amount of investment should be enough to run the business successfully.

Fifth, investors must show that they are more than just making a living. If you are opening a business for the first time, you need to show through a business plan that you can create profits and employment beyond maintaining a livelihood.

Sixth, investors can prove their ability to direct and develop a business through experience or related academic background.

Seventh, investors must show that they intend to leave the United States at the moment of closing the business. This is mainly proved by having family or real estate in Korea.

3. Characteristics of the E-2 Visa

First, it is granted for the first two years, and if the business is maintained normally thereafter, it can be extended every two years without limit.

Second, the spouse of the E-2 investor can receive a work permit card, receive a social security number, and legally work anywhere in the United States.

Third, children under the age of 21 of E-2 investors can enjoy the benefits of public schools. When you turn 21, you must change to another visa, such as a student visa.

Fourth, E-2 investors as well as E-2 spouses can acquire permanent residency through employment immigration or investment immigration.

4. Misconceptions about the E-2 Visa

1) It is impossible to change status to E-2 with an investment of less than $100,000.
This is misinformation. In fact, those who have successfully changed their status in the United States with an investment of less than $100,000 through our office

There are many cases.

2) Investment must come from abroad.
Not like that. If you prove that the funds are legal in the United States, you don't have to come in from abroad.

3) A loan can also be recognized as an investment amount.

However, the loan amount secured by the E-2 business cannot be recognized as an investment amount, and loans secured by other houses or real estate

The amount can be recognized as an investment amount.

4) You cannot get permanent residency with E-2.
The E-2 itself does not grant permanent residency. In the meantime, it seems that the wrong perception that you can get permanent residency if you continue the E-2 business for a long time. In order to receive permanent residency, E-2 investors can obtain permanent residency if they must separately apply for other immigrant visas, such as employment immigration or investment immigration, through themselves or their spouses.

5) E-2 persons cannot apply for permanent residency.
Not like that. E-2 investors themselves can acquire permanent residency through employment immigration or investment immigration.

5. Cases of E-2 approval

One) Approval of status change to E-2 in the U.S.

♦ Florist – $50,000 investment
♦ Consulting firm – $60,000 investment
♦ Trucking company – $60,000 investment
♦ Online shopping mall – $60,000 investment
♦ Car Garage - $60,000 Investment
♦ Korean Medicine Clinic – 70,000 USD investment
♦ Café – $70,000 investment
♦ Convenient Store – $80,000 investment
♦ Korean restaurant – 100,000 USD investment (60% ownership)
♦ Laundry – $100,000 investment
♦ Clothing store – $120,000 investment
♦ Liquor Store – $120,000 investment (60% ownership)
♦ Korean restaurant - $230,000 investment ($130,000 gifted amount)

2) E-2 visa through the US Embassy in Korea

♦ Jewelry store – $200,000 investment
♦ Trading Company – $220,000 investment
♦ Clothing store franchise – $270,000 investment
♦ Liquor Store – $280,000 investment
♦ Broadcasting Station - $287,000 (50% stock purchase)
♦ Japanese restaurant – 300,000 USD investment (65% ownership)
♦ Korean restaurant – $300,000 investment
♦ Beauty Supply Shop – $300,000 investment (50% ownership)


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