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Other Documents Services

We professionally and promptly handle various services

that require documents support during your life as an immigrant

to the United States.

Other Documents Services

Birth certificate, marriage certificate
Name change
Will, power of paralegal

Divorce (unilateral, consensual, summary)
Expedited Marriage Registration (It is a government agency)
Writing a prenuptial agreement
Marriage annulment
Legal separation, child support, custody
Alimony, Restraining Order
Application for divorce decree
Amendment of divorce decree

Notary work
Establishment of a corporation
Civil action, small claims court
Various litigation documents
Business contract
Write contracts and various letters
Agency for issuing various permits

We will delete and search for criminal records


4055 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 244 
Los Angeles, CA 90010 

Phone : 213-263-2636

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